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Santéo Mineral Water RO Purifier

Santéo Mineral Water RO Purifier

Santéo 7-Stage Mineral Water RO Purifier gives you one of the purest, most healthy water available today. It’s a panacea to all water related problems. It makes water refreshing, great tasting, keeps you hydrated and improves your body’s metabolism. It maintains the natural balance of key body organs, while keeping you healthy and energized.

With Santéo, you can make your own mineral water suited to your health and taste preferences.

Water that you and your loved ones can truly cherish for life!


Stages of Purification:

  • Stage 1: Removal of Sediments & dirt particles
  • Stage 2: Removal of Chlorine & organic chemicals
  • Stage 3: Removal of Bad taste & odor
  • Stage 4: Removal of Excessive salts and dissolved contaminants (RO)
  • Stage 5: Final Polishing and Improving the taste of water
  • Stage 6: Energizer & pH balancing
  • Stage 7: Disinfection of Bacteria & Viruses (UV)

Easy to Install

  • Ports available for simple plug n play type installation. Quick fit tubing for quick change of cartridges.

1 year Warranty

  • Free replacement within 1 year of purchase in case of any manufacturing defect

Money-back Guarantee

  • 30-day money back guarantee


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