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Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems

So~Safe has produced its most advanced and efficient Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems. Equipped with the best components and integrated with the most efficient RO technology, our filtration plants are guaranteed to provide you the safest and cleanest water for your industrial needs. So~Safe has been specializing in RO for the past 3 decades, therefore RO technology is the backbone of all our commercial and non-commercial products. Our specialization in this industry has made us capable of providing the very best installation, maintenance, and servicing of filtration plants on industrial and commercial scale.

Brackish water is a form of raw water that has high solid dissolvent content as well as a level of salinity. This water is not suitable for industrial purposes as it can cause erosion and depletion of fabric, textile, tangible items, etc. Industrial usages of water like smelting, refining, cooling, washing and so on, require a certain quality of water to make the process smooth. Ideally water used for industrial uses should be of the right alkalinity, acidity, and salinity to make the product of the industry up to the mark. Pakistan is a hub for industrialization, with the likes of the textile and apparel sector accounting for almost 60% of the country’s GDP. With mining and quarrying being other water intensive industries to follow. However, Pakistan suffers from a massive trade deficit of $1.4 billion as of May 2020, this is mainly because of the quality of industrial products that the country exports. Despite the fact that Pakistan has one of the most skilled labor force and abundant resources in the industries that take the largest share in the countries domestic product, it suffers from lack of final quality of product which is mainly because of the processing material used like poor quality of water.

So~Safe has introduced the most effective solution to this problem in the form of our Brackish Water RO Plant which uses the Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) solutions that provides the most cost effective way of Reverse Osmosis to provide clean water at high volumes each day to industries like Food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, etc. Its closed-circuit filtration system has a high retention rate which means that almost no water is lost during the process. So~Safe has already established its biggest capacity plant in Punjab which services up to 1.6 million gallons a day, and many more filtration plants in major cities like Karachi. So~Safe aims to further expand its services all over Pakistan.