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Seawater Desalination Systems

The most abundant water source in the entire world is seawater, So~Safe has researched, designed and experimented with the process of desalination for over the past 30 years. So~Safe proudly endorses its state of the art and technologically finest seawater desalination systems. Like all of our products, these systems are also integrated with the RO technology, which ensures that the output from these commercial projects is the nothing but the best. These systems specialize in eradicating unwanted minerals and sodium content from the most saturated seawater sources.

The finest filtration membranes are used in our systems to ensure that no soluble or insoluble particle goes through. The system is equipped with a high-pressure pump that controls the flow of seawater directly from the source. The highly efficient system uses an inbuilt divider to separate solid particles and filtered water to ensure that least amount of water is lost. The plant also includes a brine system that takes care of the waste in an organic way, this means no littering after the process is completed. The result is seawater transformed into pure and clean- safe to use industrial water source.

Pakistan has a massive 990Km long coastline that starts from the Makran coast in the province of Baluchistan and runs all the way across to the Sindh coast. The country is connected to the Arabian sea with many industries established on this shoreline. The Karachi port is home to the biggest grease manufacturing, Industrial Automation and Food Processing industries that require clean water for industrial uses. So~Safe seeks to cater to these water intensive industries by providing the most efficient Seawater Desalination RO Plants. With successful installation and operation of multiple desalination projects in the middle east and the UAE, So~Safe has established expertise in the field of desalination projects for industrial and commercial use. So~Safe has provided such systems to some of the world’s best brands like Pfizer, Pizza Hut, National and many more esteemed names. So~Safe takes great pride in the relations it has built with these brands over the years, the company has always valued trust and customer sovereignty above all else.

Our desalination plants cater to a wide range of industrial needs as well as domestic needs like swimming pools, cruising applications, hotels, resorts, etc. So, become a member of the SoSafe family and ensure a better future with cleaner, affordable water.