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Wastewater Treatment:

Wastewater treatment is an integral part of any organization’s corporate social responsibility. At the industrial level, almost all water intensive industries discharge wastewater that is hazardous and detrimental to the environment. So~Safe provides the best solution to this global problem in the form of wastewater treatment systems. The most pliable water treatment system in the world, which can adjust to cater to your needs.

Industrial wastewater contains some of the most hazardous contaminants that can harm the environment permanently. Wastewater from industrial activities contains pathogens like multiple fungi and viruses that can lead  to the spread of diseases in the habitat where they are disposed, it contains multiple metals and ions that can have drastic effects on both human and marine life, it contains toxins and synthetic chemicals that if left exposed can cause cross contamination, it contains Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) which is alarming since it indicated the content of biodegradable material in the wastewater, it contains unhealthy amounts of nitrates and phosphates which can cultivate to form algae and phytoplankton which completely erodes marine life and lastly it may contain solid waste that directly disrupts and kills marine life.

Our wastewater treatment system ensures that all the toxins and unwanted pollutants are eradicated from industrial wastewater, So~Safe wastewater treatment plants are adjustable in terms of the chemical proportion used, alteration in the flow of water and how it is discharged. Which means no matter how dangerous and contaminated your wastewater is, our treatment plants will clean it. So, connect with So~Safe now and play your part for the environment by installing our wastewater treatment systems that promise to provide you with a safer and cleaner discharge of industrial water waste. SoSafe’s wastewater treatment system is the best in the market in terms of cost, operation and results.