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PURE6 Alkaline Water Purifier

PURE6 Alkaline Water Purifier

PURE6 6-Stage 200 GPD RO Water Purifier

Alkaline Water for Active, Energetic and Healthy Life!

PURE6 is a 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO) System which has been designed to filter most common water pollutants present in the domestic water supply system. PURE6 modular design is able to filter out deposits such as sediments, chemicals and salts.

PURE6 has been tested by So Safe quality assurance department to ensure water integrity of the system as well the performance each individual elements to confirm the purity of water.
The system has been designed for installation at any suitable location where inlet and outlet water supply is readily available.

PURE6 is an advanced 6-stage Reverse Osmosis system gives you alkaline water for drinking and cooking.

PURE6 RO system has been designed to tackle most of the water pollution problems. This system is made in modular form to treat individual pollutants including sediment, taste odor, organic chemicals and salts.

Stages of Purification:

Stage 1:
DOUBLE PRE-FILTRATION – Dual Purpose Sediment Cartridge (DPS)
So Safe Spun-PP Yarn cartridges have an exceptionally good chemical compatibility. This filter removes all particles of dust, rust, silt, scale & other sediment that passes through it which can cause turbidity and can clog in the flow of water.
Stage 2:
GAC WATER PURIFICATION – Removal of all organic chemicals. So Safe GAC Deluxe is a dual purpose cartridge. Premium Quality Acid Washed Coconut Shell Based Granular Activated Carbon is used in this cartridge which adsorbs all organic chemicals such as chlorine, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides and unpleasant taste & odor to make the water great in taste.
Stage 3:
So Safe Dual Purpose Carbon Block Cartridge has a sediment removal pre-filter, which removes dust, rust, silt, scale and suspended particles. It also protects Carbon and lengthens filter life. It removes maximum high level of VOCs, Chlorine, Chlorinated Hydrocarbons, many organic solvents and improves the taste and odor of the water.
Stage 4:
DESALINATION (RO) – Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Water in this stage is Desalinated. Thin Film Composite (TFC) membrane removes all inorganic solids (Such as Salts) from the water. It uses an innovative Cross-Flow Membrane Technology where it automatically cleans itself and ensures a long lasting life.
Stage 5 & 6:
WATER POLISHING, ALKALINIZATION & REMINERALIZATION – Granular Activated Carbon with Alkalizer & Mineralizer (GAC ALK+)
Water in these two stages is further polished and Alkaline (pH 8-9) giving more pH balance, enriching the taste and producing a healthy drinking and cooking water.


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