Leading water treatment solution provider with presence in over 60 countries.

Mission, Vision & Value


The goal of this company is to provide clean, affordable and safe water for domestic and industrial consumers. The fundamentals of this company were set upon our moral obligations and the social responsibilities that we have towards the people we serve. We thrive to adhere to internationally approved health standards of Water Purification Systems.

So~Safe aims to work towards the greater benefit of the society by shaping its products to bring positive welfare to the environment and to improve the living standards of the people it serves. The company’s foundations were laid on the thought of improving the health of people around the world. Clean water scarcity is a major problem especially in developing countries, it is unfortunate that a necessity like clean water is inaccessible or unaffordable. We wish to play our part in improving living standards while providing efficient service of our products.


So~Safe envisions a future where domestic and industrial needs of clean, safe and affordable water are met efficiently and in the most cost-effective way possible. So~Safe is working toward building a future where everyone would have access to clean, safe and affordable water. The company’s vision is to provide its valuable customers consistently and continually with what it promises.


Our brand is built around certain values which hold its fundamental objectives together. We believe that it is crucial to adhere to our social and moral responsibilities whilst providing our customers the very best services. We believe that respect is a core value that is essential to exhibit during client/customer dealings and it is also a part of the company’s work culture. We believe that ‘Teamwork makes the dream work’, our departmental teams are tirelessly working together and integrating ideas in order to provide its valuable customers the most premium services and products. We believe in efficiency and the value time as a commodity for both our customers and us. We integrate honesty into our brand and the services we provide. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is one of our main objectives, we believe in building trust with our customers by providing timely and quality services. We aim to continuously improve and develop ourselves, because there is always room for improvement within an organization. We are performance oriented but also believe that creativity should not be suppressed. Lastly, we aim to give back to mother nature by protecting it and developing products that ensure the welfare of our environment.