Leading water treatment solution provider with presence in over 60 countries.

So~Safe Company


So~Safe Water technologies is a pioneer in innovative and inventive water purification technologies. It is one of the biggest water & wastewater treatment manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler in Pakistan, UAE and the entire Middle East region. So~Safe has established its presence in over 60 countries worldwide.

More than 3 decades ago, Sultan Mahmood and Shahid Mahmood founded a company with the sole purpose of providing clean, healthy, and affordable water to all. The company’s mission was to find domestic solutions for easy and affordable access to the purest water source in the most efficient way possible.

The company quickly adapted to the changing dynamics of the industry by diversifying its services into the installation, maintenance & operations of purification systems both domestically and commercially. More than 30 years down the road, So~Safe has transformed into a Reverse Osmosis Water Purification giant with ties to leading companies and an established export network to many countries around the globe. So~Safe looks to further expand into the UAE and Pakistan in its quest to provide clean, affordable and safe water to all.

Durable and Affordable products

So~Safe has always aimed to develop products that are cost effective and affordable for domestic consumers. The company has always prioritized superior quality and efficiency. Each of our domestic and commercial projects are designed for durability and low cost.

Sincere Customer Care

At So~Safe we believe that our clients and customers are like a family. We value their sovereignty and time that they provide to our company. Therefore, our customer care department is always available for assistance and to answer any of your queries. At So~Safe we wish to maintain extreme transparency with our customers and uphold the trust established in these 30 years.

Quality Control and Premium Commitment

So~Safe believes that product quality is the most important element of our brand. Our Quality Control department works persistently to improve and develop our products and to eliminate flaws. We believe in thorough research and development of any new or existing product that we offer. Our skilled team of dedicated experts are committed to provide you the best services that we can offer.

Competitive Edge of our company


Clients Worldwide

19 Million Gallons per day

Biggest Municipal Water System installed


Successful Projects

1.6 Million Gallons per day

Biggest Ultrafiltration Plant


Community Water Centres Installed

5.7 Million Gallons per day

Biggest RO Plant


Waste Water Treatment PlantsInstalled


Domestic RO